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The 1st regional Dialogue - 1/07/21, Kremenchuk

The Ukrainian Women’s Congress will gather at Kremenchuk for the first time to start the Dialogue about women’s role in the economic recovery of the region

The Ukrainian Women’s Congress starts the series of regional events dedicated to the most important issues of the economic recovery and overcoming the consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s not an accident that the first city for the Dialogue is Kremenchuk as it is a big industrial center in the Poltava region. The Dialogue will take place on Thursday, July 1, at 11:00-13:00 and will have the topic “The impact of Women’s leadership on the industrial development of the region”.

The representatives of local authorities, enterprises and business associations will unite on the local level to have a dialogue about economic challenges for women, equal opportunities for women and men in business and resource allocation and possible ways for communities’ recovery after the pandemic. The representatives of the state authorities and relevant ministries are expected to join the meeting.

The event will combine online and offline formats. The opening speeches are expected online and will be held by the co-founders of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress: Svitlana VOITSEKHOVSKA, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine (2014-2019), Olena KONDRATIUK, the Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Maria IONOVA, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine. Additionally, Olena YENA, the director of the program “Women-leaders” by the National Democracy Institute will have the greeting word. One more special speech will be held by Olha USANOVA, the deputy major of Kremenchuk.

Women entrepreneurs are supposed to join the Dialogue – Nadiia ODNOSHEVNA, the head of the group of motor transport enterprises (Kremenchuk), Yuliia TSYBULSKA, founder of the IT company UNIYA, the head of the NGO “The Different Woman” and the deputy of the Poltava regional Council, Hanna TYMOFIYENKO, owner of the beauty salon network (Kremenchuk).

Iryna NOVIKOVA, the deputy minister of the economics of Ukraine, Yuliia ZHOVTYAK, the Director of the State Employment Service, Nataliia RUBAN, the deputy head of the State Tax Service, and Nina YUZHANINA, the people’s deputy of Ukraine, will join the Dialogue online.

Alona BABAK, the Minister of Communities and Territories (2019-2020) and the co-founder of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress is the moderator of the Dialogue.

Considering the results of the meetings during the event the Ukrainian Women’s Congress is going to prepare a practical guide for the realistic steps to be made on the local level to support effective economic recovery. Congress will send these recommendations to the government and other authorities and will inform society about the results of the Dialogue.

The event is organized by the NGO “Ukrainian Women’s Congress” as part of the project of the National Democracy Institute (NDI) due to the generous support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada.

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