Postrelease - The first Dialogue about the role of women in the economic recovery of the region took place in Kremenchuk

The Ukrainian Women’s Congress had the format of regional Dialogue for the first time on July 1 in Kremenchuk (Poltava region). The event was the start of the series of regional meetings dedicated to the most important issues of economic recovery and overcoming the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The representatives of local authorities, enterprises, and business associations gathered on the regional level to have a dialogue about economic challenges for women, equal and fair opportunities for women and men in business and resource allocation and possible ways for communities’ recovery after the pandemic.

«We do not have centralized, required topics, but we build an example of horizontal communication. And today is the day when we work with economic challenges for women on the local level, equal and fair access of women and men to economic resource allocation, etc.»,Olena KONDRATIUK, the Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, mentioned.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Maria Ionova paid special attention to the fact that the level of income for women had decreased significantly, because women are mainly involved in service, and it stopped working during the quarantine. «Instead of this, business ruled by women may play an important role in the economic recovery of the countries and create new workplaces», – mentioned Maria IONOVA.

Svitlana VOITSEKHOVSKA stressed on the women’s solidarity in her speech. «The support of the sister movement in Ukraine is one of the missions of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress, and regional dialogues are part of this support. I hope that we can meet at the 5th Ukrainian Women’s Congress offline», – said Svitlana VOITSEKHOVSKA.

Olha USANOVA, the deputy mayor of Kremenchuk, had a speech during the regional Dialogue by the Ukrainian Women’s Congress and mentioned that city authorities had always paid great attention to gender equality issues because people are the most valuable resource. «Our mission as an authority is to create the best conditions for every member of our community. Women are an active but vulnerable part of our society. They try to get a chance to develop like professionals, public activists, and also like mothers for their children».

Olena YENA, the director of the program “Women-leaders” by the National Democracy Institute also had the greeting word. «We are proud of our partnership with the Ukrainian Women’s congress and thank the leaders of this organization for their many years of work on involving women in decision-making at different levels. This is extremely important for a democratic country, and this is the things Ukrainian are aimed to today», – she highlighted.

Yuliia TSYBULSKA, founder of the IT company UNIYA, the head of the NGO “The Different Woman” and the deputy of Poltava regional council: «Ukraine needs the trend of financially independent women. Unfortunately, the situation in regions is different now. I thank the Ukrainian Women’s Congress for the opportunity to be heard. I really cherish it because as the deputy of the regional council I can say that authorities that play political games do not always hear business».

Oleksandr PALAZOV, Deputy Director of the Entrepreneurship development and regulatory policy department of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine: «We do understand the significant role of women in entrepreneurship development and our obligation to support them. Gender equality is the trend but also a great requirement of the time».

Nina YUZHANINA, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine: «Women need to pay more efforts and become more professional in their spheres to get leader’s roles. I claim this as a woman who had her own business, ran for politics and was the head of taxes committee in the previous convocation of the Parliament. I felt the great challenge to work with 30 of committee members as all of them were men».

During the regional Dialogue in Kremenchuk Yuliia ZHOVTIAK, Director of the State Employment Service, mentioned that it is more difficult for women to find a new job. This fact is proved by statistics. The State Employment Service has 364 thousand unemployed people registered: 39% of them are men and 61% of them are women.

«Today we had many discussions and covered different topics about different businesses. But the most important thing today is our contact. We’ve got contact with our partners – both on regional and state authority levels. I would like to announce our next Dialogue that would take place in Zaporizhzhia – this is the second industrial region in Ukraine. We are going to focus on social entrepreneurship and talk about involving women, especially ones with disabilities, to economic activities», – summarized Alona BABAK, the Minister of Communities and Territories (2019-2020) and the moderator of the Dialogue.

The Ukrainian Women’s Congress prepares the practical guide considering the results of the Dialogue. This guide will contain the recommendations with the vision of steps for effective economic recovery on the local level that will be sent to the authorities of different levels and communicated via different media channels.

The event is organized by the NGO “Ukrainian Women’s Congress” as part of the project of the National Democracy Institute (NDI) due to the generous support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada.

Watch the video of the Dialogue on the resources of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress: