Mrs. Olga Rudneva

Director of the Olena Pinchuk Foundation

Olga RUDNIEVA is Executive Director of Elena Pinchuk Foundation, the largest Ukrainian private fund devoted to the fight against HIV/AIDS in Ukraine and women empowerment. For more than 15 years the Foundation has been running the biggest social campaign in media improving lives of people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and bringing the best international experience to Ukraine.

In 2017, the Foundation introduced latest developments in ARV in Ukraine and started treatment program for 1,300 people. In 2014, during military conflict in eastern Ukraine, Olga coordinated Victor&Elena Pinchuk project “Medsanbat” that managed to train 5.0000 military doctors and volunteers to provide first aid at the frontline according to NATO standards.

In 2016, Foundation launched women empowerment project aimed to inspire, support and give equal opportunities to women in Ukraine. Ms. Rudnieva’s previous experience includes work at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, local NGO and publishing house “Women’s Health” co-founded by Ms. Rudnieva. She has extensive expertise in venture philanthropy, fundraising, social corporate responsibility, improvement of access to medical services in developing countries, and organization of small and large-scale events and campaigns in media. Olga is a fellow of Aspen society in Ukraine since 2014.