Олеся Жулинська

Olesya Zhulynska

Public opinion advocate, public affairs and communications leader, sustainability leader, purpose facilitator, teacher and trainer

Renowned expert on reputation and sustainability management, strategic partnerships, public policy advocacy, internal & external communications within Ukraine and Moldova with EU exposure.

20+ years of Management and Leadership level experience spanning Government & Stakeholder Relations, Public Policy Advocacy, Sustainable Development, Strategy and Executive Support in the FMCG sector. 6 years in International legal companies as Legal attorney.

Effective advocate and facilitator of B2B, B2G, NGOs and Business associations for addressing key sustainable development issues. Active promoter of the packaging and recycling countries solutions, Gender equity & Women Empowerment. Strong advertiser of transformation leadership and personal\business purpose.

20 years communication pacesetter in public affairs and reputation management, creator of public policy and corporate social responsibility strategy for the Coca-Cola in Ukraine and Moldova franchise in line with EU policies. Focused efforts on building alliances in gender, equity and environmental responsible projects to gain licence to operate and actively promote business success exemplary stories for strengthening and protecting business reputation. Member of the Business Leadership Team leading the implementation of the long-term integrated external and internal initiatives among various stakeholders to build strong exemplary business traditions in Ukraine.

Developed partnership network and corporate socially responsible projects with National Olympic committee, Klitschko fund, UN Development Programme and Bird Life International, Olena Pinchuk Fund, focusing in recycling, water replenishment and women empowerment to support The Coca Cola Company’s Global Commitment. Women Empowerment project being recognized as TOP World project 2 years on the row covering approximately 100000 women empowered. Public speaker and moderator in the International and National policy changing events, like Ukrainian Women Congress.

Drove consumer trust in our sustainability efforts by implementing strategic projects to raise company’s profile as Corporate Citizen, including event management and sponsorship projects. Set waste management agenda within internal and external stakeholders interests using my communications expertise, launched and developed waste management and recycling culture change sustainability project. In 2020, Zero Waste School, education project received Energy Globe award.

Led business associations to promote CSR, prevent discriminatory taxes and lobby waste management regulation and education of state officials while balancing environmental responsibility within Ukrainian public. Framework law on Waste management was adopted in the first reading to bring Ukraine closer to global standards. Introduced yearly stakeholder mapping exercise to map business risks and market opportunities to prevent, protect and share success business story.

Employer Branding: Developed, managed and executed innovative internal communication to inspire employees to be real ambassadors. Successfully executed internal campaign in 2004 aiming to change the employees` perception towards product, as a result, internal engagement rate increased from 56% to 90% (1st place among all other Company’s subsidiaries).

Initiated and led the regular country reporting: 1. reputation researches by GFK to evaluate and develop the corporate strategy since 2004; 2. social economic impact study under GRI since 2015.

Corporate Communication: During 2012–2013 was honoured an assignment to US at Corporate Public Affairs and Communications responsible for Global water replenishment, climate change and carbon emission communication.