Ніна Южаніна

Nina Yuzhanina

Member of Parliament of the 8-th and 9-th convocations. Member of the Committee on Financial, Taxation and Customs Policy. Member of European Solidarity Party.

Honored Economist of Ukraine, Chairman of the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy in the Verkhovna Rada of the 8-th Convocation.

Has a higher education in “Economics”.

Worked at enterprises as an economist, financier; in the taxation authorities worked in leadership roles, independent auditor since 2003. Auditor’s certificate: A №005427 active since 26th of June 2003.

In 2003, she founded the European Audit Group, which she had managed before her election to parliament.

Member of Parliament of the 8-th and 9-th convocations.

Nina Yuzhanina is the author and co-author of about 160 legislative proposals, 32 of which have become legislation.

Known primarily as the author of the liberal taxation reform, which provides a significant reduction in tax rates, simplifying their administration, introduction of a tax on distributed profits instead of a corporate income tax.