Survey: prompt assessment of women’s situation during the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian Women’s Congress has conducted the prompt assessment of women’s situation during the war, launched by Russia against Ukraine, and prepared a special document to disseminate among international donors, partners as well as national and local authorities in Ukraine.

This survey has allowed to effectively reach women from different regions of Ukraine, to understand the conditions they are currently living as well as their urgent needs and requests. On the other hand, this prompt assessment has become the first important step for understanding new challenges that women’s movement will face after Ukraine’s victory.

Ukrainian Women’s Congress will inform the partners about the results of the prompt assessment, provide recommendations on further planning of support for Ukraine, initiate new projects in support of Ukrainian women, as well as jointly implement them.

This survey, conducted in March-April 2022, has allowed to fix the key trends currently visible in view of women’s situation, facing the challenges of the war:

  • key problems women face during the war are direct threat to life as a result of hostilities, mass evacuation, disposition of IPDs, as well as psychological deterioration;
  • key support that women need during the war includes finding new places of residence and covering basic needs, strengthening the economic capacity, as well as expert and psychological assistance;
  • women demonstrated leadership during the war both in civil and military affairs, however, self-organization and coordination with local authorities are important;
  • women’s organizations organize themselves independently and hastily, but the efforts to overcome war challenges often consolidate on the ground;
  • it is important to recognize, encourage and support the role of women during the war, and after the victory, in order to create real opportunities for women in decision-making.

This document was prepared by the team of Ukrainian Women’s Congress (NGO UWC) and is based on the survey of its regional network and the communication with NGO UWC regional representatives in Ukraine, including the places which are at the epicenter of hostilities (Mariupol and Donetsk region), have been attacked (Zhytomyr region, Vinnytsia region), are under temporary occupation (Zaporizhzhya region), or are in relative safety (Lviv region, Volyn region).

This document was elaborated by the gender policy experts, who have been cooperating with NGO UWC on various projects and continue to do so.

You may find the full text of the document in UWC library under the link.


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