A rating of family-friendly companies was presented at the Fifth Ukrainian Women’s Congress

Why is it worth creating a family friendly space? Family-friendly companies as well as corporate sector best practices in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. These issues were discussed by the speakers on the second day of the Fifth Ukrainian Women’s Congress.
На V Українському Жіночому Конгресі представили рейтинг компаній, дружніх до родин

Member of Parliament of Ukraine Maryna Bardina highlighted the demographic challenges in Ukraine, for overcoming which, it is necessary to implement child-friendly initiatives. According to her, more and more public spaces, companies, government officials, and international organizations are working on the issue of child-friendly spaces and implement related policies. On the national level in Ukraine, relevant legislation and practices are being developed.

Jaime Nadal, Head of the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine, UNFPA, spoke about the challenges faced by families due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a May 2020 study by UN Women, most of the women-respondents noted a large impact on daily life. In particular, this relates to the increased burden in the household. Among men, only 20% felt the effects of the pandemic, said Jaime Nadal. He also reminded of the increased levels of domestic violence due to the pandemic.

Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine Tobias Tiberg said that the COVID-19 pandemic affected women more than men because of the disproportionate level of family and household responsibilities. In Sweden as in other countries, women take on more domestic responsibilities.

“The idea of the Swedish system is to create incentives that make the idea of equality more attractive to dads. We forbade mothers to take 100% of the parental leave… But the pandemic changed the situation, parents were burdened more. Again, women in Sweden have taken on more, even though for decades we have had policies aimed at equal sharing of responsibilities between women and men… The crisis exacerbates inequality,”  Tobias Tiberg said.

Director of the Corporate Social Responsibility Development Center Maryna Saprykina talked about which companies are more flexible in their response to the today’s challenges and better prepared to support employees and children. The project, which was implemented in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund, aimed to create a rating of family-friendly companies.

Criteria for the rating included: corporate culture, flexible work schedule, workplace, social and material support of the family. A total of 52 companies took part.

Among the leaders are companies such as Nota Group, Vodafone Ukraine, METRO Cash & Carry, Intellias. But the list is still being reviewed and will be updated.

Tetyana Strekal is the Chief Operating Officer of StarLightMedia, one of the family-friendly companies. According to her, family-friendliness has a positive effect on productivity. “Involvement, employer brand and business efficiency are all improving. And most importantly, we do it for the people. Our initiatives include parent training courses, flexible work schedule, equipped remote workplaces, transport, deliveries, paid vacations for dads,”  Tetyana Strekal said.

On September 15-16, during the Ukrainian Women’s Congress, top officials of the state, Ukrainian and foreign parliamentarians, representatives of international organizations, local governments, Ukrainian and foreign experts will take part in thematic discussions.