Most Ukrainians consider equal rights for women and men the most successful reform - Olena Kondratyuk

Gender equality is the most just and tangible change in the life of the country, said Deputy Speaker of Ukrainian Parliament Olena Kondratyuk at the opening of the Fifth Ukrainian Women’s Congress.
Олена Кондратюк

“I am sincerely proud that we are not just witnessing these changes. We are the Changemakers who have made people realize that gender equality is the most just and tangible change in the life of the country. This is a result of the active position of everyone in their activities: from small communities, small businesses to civil society organizations, large and responsible businesses. This is also the result of the adoption of the laws that remove barriers for women in military service, eliminate sexism, introduce gender quotas for political participation of women at the local and national elections,”  Olena Kondratyuk said.

“It is an example of successful and effective women’s leadership, which changes not just the rules of the game, but introduces a new ethic and culture of interaction between women and men that becomes an essential feature of everyday communication,” she added.

According to the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Ukrainian women still lack the influence on the most important decisions in communities, business, economy, science, education, in the Government, in domestic and foreign policy.

The Fifth Ukrainian Women’s Congress will take place for two days, September 15 and 16. On September 15, the speakers will discuss Ukraine’s path to equality during 30 years of the country’s independence, equality between women and men in politics and the security sector. A presentation of the “Historical Project” in partnership with the Ukrainian Women’s History Research Association is also planned for this day.

Ukrainian Women’s Congress is an on-going public platform, which shapes the gender policy agenda for Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, government, private sector, civil society and media.