Ukraine is taking many steps at the legislative level to promote gender equality - Olga Stefanishyna

The majority of Ukrainians define equality of men and women as their highest priority. These are the results of a sociological survey presented by the political analyst of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation Petro Burkovsky at the Fifth Ukrainian Women’s Congress.
Шлях до рівності

Young people aged 18 to 39 who were born and grew up in independent Ukraine find gender equality issues the most important. Equality is also a higher priority for people with higher education, a political analyst at the Democratic Initiatives Foundation explained.

The introduction of gender quotas is also approved by the vast majority of respondents. The surveys were conducted in the context of local elections, but the higher the level of representation, the greater is the resistance, Petro Burkovsky said.

The results of the sociological survey will be considered by the Government, said the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olga Stefanishyna.

We are going through the most difficult period on the way to equality, she said. However, Ukraine is taking many steps at the legislative level to promote gender equality. For example, a major government program to eliminate domestic violence has been approved and fully funded.

“Our key mission, in addition to what the Government does, is to speak, to break the silence. During my regional trips I communicate with female leaders and see how many stereotypes we, women, have… It is true even for female leaders who were able to change the entire sector in the region in one month. They still do not believe in themselves and think it happened by accident. “  Therefore, according to Olga Stefanishyna, women who hold certain positions should demonstrate that they are stereotypes free.

“When they say that the topic of equality in Ukraine is new, brought from somewhere and is irrelevant for Ukrainian society, it should be noted that Natalia Kobrynska introduced the idea of ​​pragmatic feminism back in the 19th century. We must remember those women who started this struggle,” Svitlana Voitsekhovska, co-founder of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress and MP of the 8th convocation, said. The struggle takes much time.

“It is very important to me that in 2017, gender equality was defined as one of the main directions of the government’s work. Now we see the results of this work,” Svitlana Voitsekhovska said.

On September 15, the speakers will discuss the path to equality in Ukraine over the 30 years of independence as well as gender equality in politics and the security sector.