Kremenchuk Women entrepreneurs shared their vision of economic recovery and cooperation with authorities

Ukrainian Women’s Congress started a Dialogue about women’s participation in the economic recovery of the region today at Kremenchuk. Local entrepreneurs together with representatives of authorities shared their thoughts on the topic.

Nadiia ODNOSHEVNA, the head of the group of motor transport enterprises, said that she had been working works as a private entrepreneur and an owner of the truck service for more than 8 years. For the last 5 years of them she also manages a group of enterprises that repair special equipment working in difficult conditions.

«I’m proud of the fact that our company is a reliable partner for the state enterprises. We consider ourselves patriots because our company pays taxes and provides workplaces for people to keep our work despite everything. The pandemic had a great impact on our business. I would say nothing if I said that we were afraid at the start. We were worried for our employees, who would ask us where the salary is and how they are supposed to live. This was an internal factor of the pandemic. But the external effect was in a total freeze of all the customers and market itself. Unfortunately, we were forced to close some of our enterprises in Kremenchuk and Horishni Plavni», – she said.

According to Nadiia, the most significant problem now is the lack of staff because repair of heavy equipment requires experts of high level. Additionally, her business experiences a lack of necessary spare parts at the Ukrainian market due to closed borders. Also, banks decreased credit limits during the quarantine and that was a great issue for local businesses.

Yuliia TSYBULSKA, founder of the IT company UNIYA, the head of the NGO “The Different Woman” and the deputy of Poltava regional council: «Despite the fact that I’m the deputy of the regional council, I’m also the entrepreneur and I started politic work to speak about women and promoting the trend of financially independent women. Unfortunately, the situation in regions is different now. I thank the Ukrainian Women’s Congress for the opportunity to be heard. I really cherish it because as the deputy of the regional council I can say that authorities that play political games do not always hear business».

Yuliia implemented an innovational project for Kremenchuk and the region in hard pandemic times. That was a business incubator for supporting women’s business initiatives. 25 participants were recruited on a competitive basis, and 7 (30%) of them now have their own companies registered, and three of them are socially oriented. The audience of this project has grown from 300 to 4.5 thousand subscribers.

«We consider this great success. Unfortunately, this initiative is not important for local authorities yet, and we have low access to programs of SME development», – says Yuliia TSYBULSKA.

Hanna TYMOFIYENKO, the owner of the beauty salon network in Kremenchuk, says: «When I was invited to the Dialogue, I was asked what questions I have to authorities. And I answered that I had no ones. I thought this until I listened to my colleagues-entrepreneurs and representatives of authorities. We opened our first company in 2007 and have been working for the last 15 years. We lived through a financial crisis many times. I have no time to read laws attentively and pay visits to different organizations and departments because I have my everyday business tasks. I need to provide service to my clients, pay taxes and salaries to my employees. So I need time to consider my questions to authorities, but I understand that I’m not alone in the business community. I can get support here».

The Ukrainian Women’s Congress prepares the practical guide considering the results of the Dialogue. This guide will contain the recommendations with the vision of steps for effective economic recovery on the local level that will be sent to the authorities of different levels and communicated via different media channels.