The participant of the training “National action plan “Women, peace, safety”: «I’m going to initiate these ideas in Mariupol»

Ukrainian Women’s Congress keeps developing its regional network through educational activities and experience sharing. The Congress’s representatives took part in an online training “National action plan “Women, peace, safety”: the communities’ role” that took place in May 2021.

Participant found out about Resolution 1325 “Women, peace, safety”, defined key points for the National action plan of executing the resolution considering local policies and templates for local action plans during the training.

Myroslava Babak, the national consultant for technical support for implementing women, peace and safety agenda for UN Women in Ukraine, told the participants about Resolution 1325 and the National action plan. Maria Dmytrieva told about the role of communities in implementing the National Action plan “Women, peace, safety”. One more important highlight of the event was the speech by Maria Ionova, the co-founder of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress and the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, where she talked about her personal political experience regarding these issues.

«What I find most informative is the presentation by Maria Dmytrieva about implementing National plan for resolution 1325 “Women, Peace, Safety” by 2025at the local level. I found out that Donetsk regional administration joined this plan on 31 March this year. I was really surprised that the plan was adopted formally without resources in the local budget. Also, I got an interesting experience from Hanna Lemeshko about the global UN Women initiative “ Safe cities and safe public places for women and girls». I got the contact with Hanna for consultations and will initiate these ideas in Mariupol. Thanks to all the team of Ukrainian Women’s Congress», – shared her emotions Maryna Chuiko, member of “Yurfem” and “Legal hundred” NGOs, representative of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress in Mariupol, Donetsk region.

This was the 4th training for the regional network of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress. Congress will keep developing its network and unite women and men all over Ukraine in the name of the idea of gender equality for everyone. So the next training is going to be held in June this year.