«A great opportunity to get to know new people and find new points of contact»: the Ukrainian Women’s Congress had training for regional representatives

The Ukrainian Women’s Congress keeps strengthening its regional network with education and experience-sharing. Due to this, in March 2021 twenty-four Congress representatives took part in online training “The policy of inclusiveness and equality”.

Participants talked over the problems and challenges that women are usually faced in different communities and were taught to define and understand the needs of them. They were also told about the key principles of gender-correct terminology and learned to use sensitive language in implementing the policy of equality and inclusion.

«This training introduced new people to me and gave an opportunity to find points of contact in resolving the problems of socially vulnerable groups. As it was reasonably mentioned during the training, helping one group will help another one. It was interesting to explore stereotypes about vulnerable people and the ways to overcome them. The training also confirmed the idea that it is extremely important to be empathic to other’s problems”, – said Anzhelika Belova, the head of Association of Roma women “Voice of Romni” and the representative of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress in Zaporizhzhia.

«The training was great and informative. The speakers were brilliant. The presentations were full of new knowledge. I found out many new things, especially about the discrimination of women with disabilities and the life of Roma women. Thanks for this meaningful event”, – commented Halyna Abramchuk, project manager in Turiisk local territorial community village council, and the representative of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress in Volyn region.

«I’m grateful for the training! It was great to explore active programs and recommendations for resolving the problems of Rome women and women in villages, which are extremely important for my community. It was one more time that ensured me in the importance of providing all women with opportunities for self-realization on the local level», – mentioned Iryna Orel, the founder of NGO “Ridnia (Relatives)”, and the representative of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress in Kyiv region.

«At the training all the information was useful – even the one I knew before. But I never worked with the issues of Roma women, that’s why it was really interesting to see the presentation by Anzhelika Belova. Also finding out more about the laws on the issues of gender equality was important for me”, – added Iryna Nyzhnyk, the deputy of Tetiiv city council, and the representative of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress in Kyiv region.

It was the second training for the Ukrainian Women’s Congress regional network. The first one covered the issues of implementation of gender policies at the local level and opportunities of strengthening local women’s leadership.

The Congress is going to keep building an effective regional network and unite men and women all over Ukraine with the idea of gender equality. The next training covering the issues of gender budgeting is to be held this year in April.