Марія Фрей

Mariya Frey

General Producer of regional broadcasting / UA: PBC

General Producer of regional broadcasting of UA: PBC. She developed and implements a development strategy of the interregional platform of UA: PBC, which includes 24 regional TV channels. She is an initiator of the all-Ukrainian competition “Create with Suspilne” which supports local productions and provides funding for the best ideas on the spots.

She has 10-year old experience as a journalist and producer, a coach at the international youth-run, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization AIESEC, project work on the platform for cultural initiatives IZOLYATSIA.

She joined UA: PBC team in 2017 and has been working on reforming regional companies from the very beginning. Before that she covered the Russian-Ukrainian war in Mariupol, was engaged in cultural diplomacy, and worked in the private sector.