Інеса Носенко

Inesa Nosenko

Director of JCC “Mazal Tov”

Twenty years of experience in charity:

  • Khortytsya Multidisciplinary Training and Rehabilitation Center – organization of a board of trustees in order to develop the material and technical base of the center for children with disabilities and diseases of internal organs.
  • Establishment of the Education and Rehabilitation Charitable Foundation to work with grant organizations to conduct charity events and fundraising programs for children with special needs studying at the center.
  • Organization and holding of the charity program “Marathon of Life”.
  • Business and life competence of children with special needs.
  • Program “Education and employment of people with special needs”.
  • Open World Charitable Foundation – development and implementation of the project “Nominal Scholarships” – for creative and talented students of universities in Zaporozhye.
  • Public organization “Zaporizhia – native land” participation in TV programs dedicated to social aspects in the life of Zaporizhia.
  • ZGBB “EGC” Mazal Tov “project” School of Interethnic Communication “- a charity project dedicated to issues of tolerance, national tolerance and social responsibility of all national communities.
  • The Family Service project is aimed at material, social and psychological assistance to families with children with disabilities, parents with disabilities, absent parents, low-income families, socially problematic families (currently 650 families with prisoners agreements).
  • The programs “I look out the window”, “Family state”, “Me and my family”, “I love my land” together with the department for family, youth and sports, all projects are of a creative nature and aimed at joint creativity of children together with parents, relatives and friends.
  • “Reach out” – volunteer assistance to specialized boarding schools and specialized social organizations in Zaporozhye in conducting creative, communicative and sports programs.
  • Charitable festival “Save yourself” which aims to protect yourself from aggression, drugs, etc., to save lives.
  • Rotary Club of Zaporizhia: – two regional charity points (the 1st is help to the department of children’s oncology regional hospital; the 2nd is targeted help to children funded by the program “Let’s defeat cancer”.) – two auctions – ordinary and silent, the result – help children with disabilities and orphans.
  • Launching and conducting an annual charity event of creative life for young talented people with special needs “You can!”
  • Launching and holding an annual charity ball-carnival for volunteers and crisis groups.