Ukrainian, English and Sign language: Ukrainian Women’s Congress support inclusiveness

Clenched fist to the forehead and then down to the chin line. This is the way to say “Thank you” in Ukrainian sign language. People speak dozens of languages in Ukraine. But there is one less mentioned among them – the sign language.

Our country has no statistics about people with hearing disabilities. According to the public organization “Feel” (“Vidchui”), every tenth person in Ukraine has some kind of hearing loss. As for people who use sign language to communicate, there are 230 thousand of them according to statistics. At the same time, according to WHO, more than 5% of the world’s population (466 million people) live with hearing disabilities.

To ensure the right for information for everyone, Ukrainian Women’s Congress has been providing sign language translation for all video materials for 3 years in a row. This year when Congress was held in an online format, all three discussion platforms about local elections, economics, and responsible leadership, were translated into the Ukrainian sign language.

Society built with inclusiveness principles is more dynamic and sustainable in its development because it requires mutual understanding and compromise decisions. That’s why ensuring equal access to the information about social and political opportunities for all the people in general and people with hearing disabilities in particular, is so important for Ukrainian Women’s Congress.