You can view videos from the discussion boards of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress here.

26.11.2020 – Live: Lviv – Kyiv – Mariupol. Regional politics & decentralization: what are the prospects?

23.07.2020 – Gender equality in the national policies and global agenda.

26.11.2020 – Opening of the second Congress day. Special format.

25.11.2020 – Women’s economic empowerment.

25.11.2020 – Gender-sensitive business.

25.11.2020 – The role of women in peacebuilding.

25.11.2020 – Opening remarks special format: The analysis of local elections in Ukraine.

23.07.2020 – Local elections 2020: will we have more women in politics?

23.07.2020 – Men and women in the pandemic context: how to meet the needs and create safe living environment?

23.07.2020 – Effective leadership in fighting the pandemic.

11.12.2019 – Opportunities inspire!

11.12.2019 – Discussion platform 9: The principles of equal rights and opportunities: win-win strategy

11.12.2019 – Discussion platform 8: Gender equality as a factor to reach sustainable peace

11.12.2019 – Open talks: Yulia Tymoshenko vs Sonia Koshkina

11.12.2019 – Discussion platform 7: Gender equality in economics: how to ensure fair conditions for labor?

11.12.2019 – Special platform: Generation Z about equality and freedom

11.12.2019 – Discussion platform 6: National specific of the gender policy

10.12.2019 – Discussion platform 5: Gender mainstreaming in local governance

10.12.2019 – Discussion platform 4: Education and family: how to meet modern challenges?

10.12.2019 – Discussion platform 3: Change of political agenda in ukraine: is there more equality?

10.12.2019 – Discussion platform 2: Opportunities for women in law-enforcement? Any gender stereotypes?

10.12.2019 – Discussion platform 1: Gender dimension of reforms in Ukraine.

07.06.2019 – Panel discussion of «I CAN!» project by Olena Pinchuk Foundation in a partnership with Coca-Cola Foundation: «Who are they – new ambassadors of gender equality and development of eco-friendly and inclusive cities»

07.06.2019 – Open-talks: How to create a city of equal opportunities

07.06.2019 – Discussion platform: Women in politics, security, and defense

08.12.2018 – «SHEforSHE»: partnership and mentorship

08.12.2018 – Best Practices of Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Ukraine

08.12.2018 – «HEforSHE»: men supporting women

08.12.2018 – Open Talks: Specifics of national stereotypes about women and men

07.12.2018 – Special event: Fathers on paternity leave and responsible fatherhood

07.12.2018 – Discussion platform 4: Women’s economic empowerment

07.12.2018 – Women’s economic empowerment and ways to combat discrimination in the workplace and in companies

07.12.2018 – Equal rights and opportunities in security sphere.

07.12.2018 – Security in information field: gender aspect

07.12.2018 – Ukrainian and global trends with regard to the equal rights and opportunities of women and men

28.09.2018 – “Live library” session: How women influence the development of the Western region

28.09.2018 – Gender disparities in the socio-economic field and gender-oriented budgeting

28.09.2018 – Press briefing of sponsors of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress

28.09.2018 – Discussion І: Discussion platform: How gender equality influences social development?

18.05.2018 – Discussion ІІІ: Gender stereotypes: what is their influence and how to counteract discrimination?

18.05.2018 – Discussion ІІ: Gender-oriented budgeting: successful cases

18.05.2018 – Discussion І: Empowerment of women in politics at all levels. A necessity or a trend?

23.11.2017 – Congratulation from Madeleine Albright

23.11.2017 – Opening and Discussion platform 7: “Women’s leadership and mentoring. Partners – not competitors!”

23.11.2017 – Discussion platform 6: “Gender in education and the role of media in gender awareness activities”

23.11.2017 – Opening and Discussion platform 5: “Successful women – successful communities! Overcoming barriers for women and social challenges in local communities”

23.11.2017 – Discussion platform 4: “Expanding economic opportunities and rights of women”

22.11.2017 – Discussion platform 3: “Tired of silence! Preventing and counteracting gender-based violence against women”

22.11.2017 – Discussion platform 2: “Women, peace and security”

22.11.2017 – Discussion platform 1: “Role of women in the country’s socio-political life: a view from the inside and the outside”

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