The website against sexism supported by the Council of Europe was translated into Ukrainian

The Council of Europe in Ukraine has translated into Ukrainian the website against sexism – Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it. The website provides the information about sexism, how it comes out in different areas, demonstrates its influence in different countries as well as gives the examples of sexism.

In particular, it is stated that sexism is in all the spheres of life:

  • 63% of women journalists have been confronted with verbal abuse;
  • Women spend almost twice as much time as men on unpaid housework (OECD countries);
  • 80% of women stated that they have been confronted with the phenomenon of “mansplaining” (disrespectful explanation the men provide based on the beliefs about women’s incompetence) and “manterrupting” (women are interrupted by men due to gender neglection) at work;
  • Men represent 75% of news sources and subjects in Europe;
  • In the UK, 66% of 16-18-year-old girls surveyed experienced or witnessed the use of sexist language at school;
  • 59% of women in Amsterdam reported some form of street harassment;
  • In France, 50% of young women surveyed recently experienced injustice or humiliation because they are women;
  • In Serbia, research indicates that 76% of women in business are not taken as seriously as men.

The Council of Europe states that individual acts of sexism may seem benign, but they create a climate of intimidation, fear and insecurity. This leads to the acceptance of violence, mostly against women and girls.

The website also gives the opportunity to take a quiz “Sexist?” and to find out whether you do have discriminatory and stereotyped gender behavior.


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