Olena Kondratiuk: Ukrainian government shul be formed according to 50/50 gender principle

Olena Kondratiuk, co-chair of inter-fractional parliamentary association in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “Equal opportunities” and Vice-speaker of Ukrainian Parliament believes that Ukrainian government should be formed according to 50/50 gender principle, as it is in Canada. She also considers that Ukraine can approach to 30-40 representativeness of women in local councils and parliament. For example, any Ukrainian woman has never been the speaker of the parliament. She stated that in an interview to the “Holos Ukrainy”.

According to Olena Kondratiuk, the Congress’s resolution, adopted as a result of 2-days discussions, has a row of important recommendations for parliament, government, local authorities, business and civil society.

«We count on the Parliament that during its reform and distribution of posts is supposed to adhere to gender balance principles, as it was recommended by European Parliament mission. We urge Verkhovna Rada to ratify Istanbul Convention and other international documents for gender equality and non-discrimination. Gender legal expertise for all the bills is very important too. The last one should become an obligatory practice in lawmaking”, – Olena Kondratiuk mentioned.

Recommendations for Ukrainian Government are very important too, as Ukraine must launch gender-based budgeting at all levels via adopting changes to the Budget Code. Every foreign speaker at the Congress stressed that budgeting that considers interests of men and women is extremely important. Vice-speaker of Ukrainian Parliament thinks that equal access to resources is the best practice to ensure equal rights and opportunities for both male and female.

According to her words, many steps to gender balance have been made through joint efforts, including activities of two previous Ukrainian Women’s Congresses. Gender quotas in election processes and lists of parties is among them. It has provided a record number of women in Parliament (20%) and the third if ministers are women now too.

This is critically important, because “Democracy without women is impossible”, as Madeleine Albright mentioned in her address to the 1st Ukrainian Women’s Congress.

Olena Kondratiuk believes: “We wanted to decrease gender inequality and achieved reducing the list of forbidden professions and jobs for women. Inter-fractional parliamentary association “Equal opportunities” and Congress’s activists fought for equal access for women to military service and military education. Our achievement is that special law was adopted. 27 000 of women got their chance to serve in the Armed Forces today, and almost 1000 of them are officers. Military lyceums and universities are now open for girls who will become effective commanders in future.”


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