Women’s leadership unites – co-founders of Ukrainian Women’s Congress had a meeting with ambassadors of foreign countries

The start of 2021 was effective for Ukrainian Women’s congress when it came to joint plans with the partners. On 25, January co-founders of the Congress – Olena Kondratiuk, Maria Ionova and Svitlana Voitsekhovska – had a meeting with ambassadors from Great Britain, the USA, Canada, and Germany in Ukraine.

They discussed the results and future plans of cooperation for promoting equality policy in Ukraine, shared their impressions about the 4th Ukrainian Women’s Congress that took place in November 2020, and covered the important topics of women’s entrepreneurship, equality policy in the process of decentralization reform, and women’s participation in peacebuilding.

The parties claimed their interest and willingness to cooperate in 2021 in the sensitive topics of women’s national and regional political participation, overcoming stereotypes and creating equal opportunities for men and women in professional growth. During the meeting the preparation to the 5th Ukrainian Women’s Congress was discussed – it will be held this year and continue the annual national dialogue about equality policy in Ukraine.

One of the important topics in the discussion was the role of the Ukrainian parliament in promoting policy for equality, along with cooperation and synergy of state authorities, civil society, and the international community in common initiatives for spreading equality in all spheres of life.

This meeting was initiated by Ms. Melinda Simmons, British Ambassador to Ukraine, and Christina Queen, US Chargé d’Affaires ai in Ukraine, Larisa Galadza, Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine, Anka Feldhusen, Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine joined the event.

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