Ms. Natalia Tarasenko

The head of the board of the Zhytomyr NGO “Paritet”

Expert on gender equality, coach of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) on Gender-Oriented Budgeting and Political Participation of Women, has experience in internships in the United States and Europe. The expert is involved in the development of the concept of city “Zhytomyr – 2030”, the introduction of gender approaches in the activities of local self-government bodies.

Zhytomyr NGO “Parity” is an expert organization, which is involved in projects of all-Ukrainian and international levels. In 2016, the organization was awarded the “With and For Girls” World Prize among 20 organizations of the world for working with girls.

For me, gender equality is a value that I am guided in life, which I believe in and practice in professional and personal life! Gender equality is an opportunity for everyone to successfully realize themselves, to discover their potential and not to harm the potential of others!

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