Мелінда Сіммонс

Melinda Simmons

British Ambassador to Ukraine

She was born in London, but Mrs. Simmons’ relatives are originally from Kharkiv. The paternal great-grandfather moved from there first to Kyiv and then to the USA, and his maternal grandmother moved from Kharkiv to Cardiff.

In 1998-2003, she held various positions, including managing land restitution in the former Soviet Union and developing a global policy on conflict prevention and resolution and global policymaking.

2005-2008 – Head of the South Africa Division of the Ministry of International Development, then Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Deputy Head of the Department of Europe, Ministry of International Development (DFID). In 2013, she joined the Foreign Office of the United Kingdom (FCO) in diplomatic work, including working as Deputy Head of Department dealing with armed conflict. And in 2016-2018 he is the director of government funds realization at the ministry.

He holds a Masters Degree in European Policy from the University of North London. Associate Member of the Institute for Personal Development. In addition to her native, she speaks French, German. In 2018-2019 she completed a full course of study of Ukrainian at FCO.

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