Mariya Podybailo

Chairman of the NGO «Coordination center of patriotic forces “New Mariupol”»

Received secondary education in Ternopil. Since the end of the 80th started to be interested in forbidden Ukrainian history, that led her to participation in national-patriotic movement. She was a member of “Vertep” community, student revolution on granite, Ukrainian nationalist youth community, and further – Ukrainian National Assembly-Ukrainian nationalistic self-defense (UNA-UNSO). After school graduation Mariya started studying in Donetsk national (former State) university. She moved to Donetsk in 1992 and received higher education in history. After completing the postgraduate study in Donetsk National University in 2001, accepted an invitation to work in Mariupol state university.

Has 3 children. With the elder of them took part in the Revolution of Dignity. With the start of Russian aggression, became a head of volunteer organization “New Mariupol”. Since September 2017 А з вересня 2017 року has been serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Her scientific interests, social and military activities are about formation of Ukrainian territorial defense and informational security.

Photo by Evgene Sosnovskyi made on rally in Mariupol, 4, September, 2014.

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