Online-bullying epidemic

Why is it just as important as the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our world is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, UNO calls people not to forget about one more epidemic we are influenced by – bullying and online-chase. We have to admit that it is too spread in educational environments, that’s why we must give our immediate response.

That’s why UNO proclaimed May 4th as the day of fighting against bullying – Anti-Bullying Day. As UNICEF research shows the third part of young people in 30 countries are the victims of online-bullying, every 5th of them was forced to skip school because of cyberbullying and violence. In Ukraine 29% of teenagers who took part in a poll faced online-bullying and 16% had to skip classes because of this reason.

What should we know about online-bullying?

«Cyberbullying» is bullying that uses digital technologies. It can take place in social networks, messengers, at game platforms, and in smartphones.

Cyberbullying is a type of action aimed to intimidate, humiliate, or make angry a person.

Bullying may have different forms:

  • spreading fakes about someone or posting abusive photos in social networks;
  • sending threatens or messages to abuse or damage someone via messengers;
  • pretending the be someone and sensing messages to others from their person.

Personal and cyberbullying are often related. But cyberbullying leaves digital traces which can be the proofs of baiting and help to stop it.

What to do and where to come?

What is cyberbullying? How to reduce risks? What to do if you are faced with it? Guide for kids from UNICEF.

National children’s line of trust – 116 111.

There is a new law in Ukraine that has come into force since December 3rd, 2018. It is aimed to counteract bullying (baiting) and defines “bullying” in Ukraine which was never done before.

The law provides for administrative liability for bullying – fine or community service in such cases:

  • 850 to 1 700 UAH fine or 20 to 40 hours of community service if it was the first episode of bullying;
  • 1 700 to 3400 UAH fine or 40 to 60 hours community service if it bullying is repeated or was made by a group of people; parents or guardians pay fines if these actions are made by a child;
  • director of the educational institution may also get fine from 850 to 1700 UAH or corrective service up to one month if they did not inform the police and other security services about bullying.


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