Елізабет Клатцер

Dr. Elisabeth Klatzer

International Gender and Public Expert

Dr. Elisabeth Klatzer has more than 20 years of experience working in research, advocacy and consultancy in the field of Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB), Public Finance Management as well as gender and economic policy.

After years of pioneer work on GRB and the integration of GRB in public finance management reform in Austria, since 2009 she works on GRB initiatives and public finance management in transitional and developing countries.

The work at local, regional and national level includes conceptual work on adapting GRB to different national, regional and local contexts, support in developing GRB strategies, extensive capacity building and training activities and the integration of GRB in the context of public finance management reform, in particular in reforms towards performance- and program-oriented budgeting. Furthermore, the work includes gender responsive analysis of different public policies using a broad range of quantitative, qualitative and participatory methods.

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