Where you can find help in case of domestic violence in Ukraine

In this article, we collected the most important information about places, contacts, and ways to get help and support if you face domestic violence during the quarantine.

Every third woman in the world has faced domestic violence, says UNO. According to research, from 1 to 2 million women in Ukraine suffer from physical abuse every year.

Pandemic, quarantine, and self-isolation led us to an outbreak of violence in families and the increase in the domestic abuse level. This thesis is confirmed by the experience of countries that were the first to face the pandemic and introduce quarantine measures.

The situation goes more complicated because people must stay at home and have no possibility to seek for help in different organizations. At the same time, there is no work, friends, sports, and training, walks so there are no limits between victims and offenders. Alcohol, job loss, financial challenges, and psychological problems exacerbate the situation.

In this article, we collected the most important information about places, contacts, and ways to get help and support if you face domestic violence during the quarantine. 

National «hotline»

«Hotline» works 24/7. Every consultation is free and confidential.

Hotline of National police of Ukraine – 0-800-500-202.

National hotline for domestic violence, human trafficking, and gender discrimination counteraction0-800-500-335 або 116-123 (mobile).

The phone line is serviced by the public organization “La Strada – Ukraine”.

Chatbot #ДійПротиНасильства in Telegram messenger

Finding necessary information about your safety in a regular way or contacting safety services can be difficult in self-isolation. To help people in danger solve this problem Ministry of Inner Affairs launched the chat-bot.

You can find it in Telegram by the name @police_helpbot.

The chatbot provides information about domestic violence, where you should seek help, what to do, and how to react if you are a victim at home. There you can also contact the police or call 102, get free legal aid online or read about other hotlines that could help in case of domestic abuse.

Mobile teams of social and psychological aid

Mobile teams were launched in October 2015 with the support of the United Nations Population Fund in cooperation with ICF “Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health” as part of humanitarian response in eastern Ukraine. Today (in April 2020) there are 334 such teams in Ukraine, in particular at the territories under control in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

You can contact mobile teams here – Link.

The teams work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic and can help you via Skype, Viber and phone calls.

Shelters and Help centers

Click – here to contact regional social centers for family, children, and youth.

Women who suffer from domestic violence or have no place to live because of this danger can contact these centers. There they can get help with temporary shelter, provide legal and psychological aid.

To get the contacts of shelters and help centers you can reach the police, free legal aid centers, centers of social and psychological aid, social centers for family, children, and youth, mobile teams, or hot phone lines.

Click here to contact centers and shelters for domestic violence victims in Kyiv.

There are also 13 daycare centers for the victims.

If you are a witness or a victim of domestic violence

Do not hesitate. Call the police. Contact your government, law enforcement, health care, or social services. Experts will provide you psychological help, legal aid, and advice, or suggest a safe place for temporary shelter.


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