Mr. Berry Vrbanovic

Mayor of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Berry Vrbanovic is the Mayor of City of Kitchener. He also sits on the council for the Regional Municipality of Waterloo – Canada’s largest innovation hub, Treasurer of United Cities & Local Governments, is President Emeritus of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), and is a current member of FCM’s Big City Mayor’s Caucus and Green Municipal Fund Council.

Mayor Vrbanovic is a strong promoter of equality and empowerment of women in local government and creating a favourable environment for entrepreneurs and local economic development. In fact, Mayor Vrbanovic was one of 3 male allies on the FCM board that were strong supporters many years ago for the creation of FCM’s Standing Committee on Women’s Participation in Local Government.

Berry Vrbanovic has been involved in supporting municipal development in Ukraine through his initial visit and evaluation mission to Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk during his FCM Presidency in 2012, his participation in the 2nd International Mayors Congress in 2016 and by hosting a Ukrainian delegation as part of the Social Enterprise and Women Entrepreneurship Study tour to Canada, organised by the PLEDDG project, funded by the Canadian Government.

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