Mr. Andriy Vyshnevskyi

Founder and Executive Director of the NGO “Advocate of the Future”

Born on December 13, 1977 in Kharkiv.

In 1999 graduated from Kharkiv State University with honours getting qualification “Biologist. Teacher of biology and chemistry”.

In 2005 received 2nd higher education graduating with honours from Kyiv University of Law under the Institute of State and Law named after V.M. Korets’kiy of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and received the qualification of a lawyer.

Freely speaks English.

Began his career in 1997 as an editor at Kharkiv Regional State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company. In 1999 took the oath of a civil servant and during 1999-2000 worked at the position of leading specialist of Department of Internal Policy of Kharkiv Regional State Administration. In 2001-2002 was the Head of the Programme of Public Administration Reform at International Centre for Policy Studies. In 2002-2004 was an advisor of State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Head of Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine. During 2004-2008 was at the head of Centre for Support of Institutional Development of Civil Service under Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine. From March, 2008 till October, 2011 worked as Deputy Head of Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine responsible for international co-operation and civil service modernisation. On October 10, was appointed Director of the Centre for Legal Reform and Law Drafting under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Since 2005 has been working on draft Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service” and other draft laws in the sphere of constitutional and administrative law. Also made proposals on improving of central and local authorities system, created and developed School of Senior Civil Service of Ukraine, supported the implementation of institution development instruments Twinning, TAIEX and SIGMA in Ukraine, took an active part in preparation of 5-volume academic edition “The History of Civil Service in Ukraine”.

Head of group of authors of such editions as “Agenda of New Minister: Practical Recommendations for Effective Execution of Primary Tasks by Newly-Appointed Ministers and Heads of Other Public Authorities” and “Public Administration Modernisation Plan: Proposals for Civil Service of Ukraine Compliance with Principals and Practice of Democratic Governance” (2010).

For considerable personal contribution in the development of legislative acts in the sphere of civil service development, work and high professionalism awarded with Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2011). Also awarded with Honorary Diplomas of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2010), State Custom Administration of Ukraine, National Commission for Electric-Power Regulation, National Space Agency of Ukraine (2008), Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine (2007), Commendation of Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine (2006).

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