Олена Зеленська

Olena Zelenska

First Lady of Ukraine

Olena Zelenska was born in Kryvyi Rih on February 16, 1978.

1985-1995 – studying at Kryvyi Rih Gymnasium №95.
This is where Volodymyr Zelensky’s first met his future wife Olena Zelenska.

1995 – 2000 – studying at the Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute with the major in Architect (master’s degree).

On September 6, 2003, she married V. Zelensky. After the marriage, the couple moved to Kyiv.

Olena Zelenskaya is one of the founders of Studio Kvartal 95, which is the most famous, the most rated and the largest in Ukraine, producer of show projects, entertaining programs, films, and serials.

After Studio Kvartal 95 creation, O. Zelenska joined a separate group of authors and participated in writing texts for all projects of Studio Kvartal 95.

Olena Zelenska’s author group worked on the concept of the “Liga Smichu” program, which is one of the most humorous projects in Ukraine.

O. Zelenska was one of the writers of the comedy film “How the Cossacks …”, which aired in December 2009, and she is also one of the producers of the project “Women’s Kvartal”.

O. Zelenska graduated from music school and plays the piano.

The First Lady of Ukraine is active in sports, loves to read and is a supporter of the film industry.

The spouses Olena and Volodymyr Zelenski are animal lovers. They have 2 dogs, a cat, a parrot, and a guinea pig.

Together with Volodymyr Zelensky, she has two children: a daughter Oleksandra (born 2005) and a son Kyrylo (born 2013).

Currently, the concept of social projects and initiatives that will be supervised by Olena Zelenska as the First Lady of Ukraine is being worked out. She plans to focus on child health, physical activity, equal opportunities, and cultural diplomacy. Olena Zelenska plans to present details of her initiatives soon.