Олена Єна

Olena Yena

Director Women Lead Program The National Democratic Institute in Ukraine

During more than fifteen years Olena Yena has worked with the political parties, civil society organizations and government agencies in Ukraine helping them be more responsive to the citizens` needs. Currently Ms. Yena oversees a wide range of gender focused programs at the National Democratic Institutes office in Ukraine. The programs she chairs are aimed at promoting gender equality, enhancing women’s political participation, and combating gender stereotypes and discrimination.

In 2005-2010 Olena Yena managed NDI’s Executive Development Program, which trained more than two hundred Ukrainian civil servants on principles of democratic governance, exposed them to best practices of public administration in the EU member states and placed them for internship in European and Ukrainian government institutions. Prior to joining the NDI team Ms. Yena worked in public and private sectors. Olena strongly believes that gender equality is a way to make the world more democratic and fair for all. Read more about the programs Olena Yena works on: www.povaha.org.ua www.50vidsotkiv.org.ua