Оксана Потапова

Oksana Potapova

Trainer, practitioner of critical pedagogy, gender specialist and feminist researcher

In 2014 Oksana co-founded «Theatre for Dialogue» NGO where she has been working with communities affected by conflict, internally displaced and other marginalized groups of women, to build dialogue and cohesion within communities and to advocate the rights of vulnerable groups of women at the national and international level.

Oksana is also a feminist researcher. Her work is based in action-oriented methods, and her advocacy is rooted in stories backed by data. Oksana combines her dialogue work with activism, research and advocacy for gender sensitive peace. In September 2020 Oksana has started her Master’s program in Gender, Peace and Security at the London School of Economics. Her master’s thesis focuses on arts-based practices as decolonial methodologies for knowledge production about peace and security.