Change is possible only with the participation of young people - Åsa Regnér, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations

Discriminatory societal norms and gender stereotypes determine who has power, voice, and opportunity. Therefore, it is necessary to challenge these stereotypes and change them so that everyone has equal opportunities. The acting UN Women Deputy Executive Director and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Åsa Regnér said this during the “Generation of Independence, Equality and Freedom” session on the second day of the Fifth Ukrainian Women’s Congress.
Зміни можливі тільки за участі молоді - Оса Регнер, заступниця Генерального Секретаря ООН

“Today’s concluding session titled ‘Generation of Independence, Equality and Freedom’ is very relevant, because change is possible only with the participation of young people. This year, 25 years after the landmark UN conference in Beijing, UN Women organised the Generation Equality Forum. The forum was a key event for mobilization of the new generation of gender equality advocates, including young girls,” Åsa Regnér said.

She called on all young women and men to stand up for their own interests, despite the wide-spread stereotypes, which are frequently experienced by women and girls.

The session was also attended by mentor of the international robotics team Mariia Kalinichenko, singer Alina Pash, designer Valeria Guzema, BookBox co-founder Tetyana Orlyk, blogger Anita Solovei and lawyer, executive director of the DEJURE Foundation Iryna Shyba.