«We are working on the bill about social entrepreneurship», - Roksolana Pidlasa, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Women’s Congress continued the series of regional events dedicated to the most urgent issues of economic recovery and overcoming the consequences of the global pandemic. One of the hottest topics of today’s Dialogue in Zaporizhzhia was social entrepreneurship.

Roksolana PIDLASA, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, the deputy head of the Committee for the economic development of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, talked about the Parliament’s work on the bill to regulate social enterprises in Ukraine. The newly created inter-fractional association “For the development of social entrepreneurship” under the coordination of the “Servant of the People” deputy Oleksandr Sanchenko has already been working on the bill.

«We are working on the bill that covers the issues of social entrepreneurship. There are few highlights there. The first one is about the definition of the term “social entrepreneurship” because there is no such term in laws yet. It causes discussion among the deputies especially about the idea to reserve 30% of the income of a social company for social goals. There are thoughts that the numbers should reach 50% of income. One more discussion touches on the idea of whether the social goals should be defined in the enterprise’s charter or not. So we need to have a dialogue, especially with NGOs», – says the People’s Deputy of Ukraine.

According to her, the bill is expected to be ready and registered this autumn. However, Roksolana Pidlasa highlights that adding the terminology to the legislative base could be just one of the first milestones steps on a long way. The government has to offer something to people who do social entrepreneurship to stimulate the process of its development.

The Ukrainian Women’s Congress’s Dialogue covered the topics of local economic challenges for women of vulnerable groups, fair opportunities for women and men in economic resources allocation, and the possible ways of communities recovery after the pandemic.

The next regional Dialogue is planned to take place in Ivano-Frankivsk this autumn.

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