Olha Usanova: «Kremenchuk city authorities pay great attention to gender equality»

Olha Usanova, the deputy mayor of Kremenchuk, had a speech during the regional Dialogue by the Ukrainian Women’s Congress and mentioned that city authorities had always paid great attention to gender equality issues because people are the most valuable resource.

«Our mission as an authority is to create the best conditions for every member of our community. Women are an active but vulnerable part of our society. They try to get a chance to develop like professionals, public activists, and also like mothers for their children. Kremenchuk is a big industrial city. More than 90 big enterprises work here. But there are also small ones launched and ruled by women. These women pay taxes and this way they work on an increasing the income of our city and of the whole state», – shared Olha Usanova.

What does Kremenchuk do to support women in their careers? According to the deputy mayor, the city has implemented gender budgeting for the last few years and has analyzed programs with gender components and their influence on men and women in the community. Additionally, the city has a gender issues commissioner who analyzes challenges in this sphere and proposes solutions to local authorities.

«We are proud of the participation of our city in the project “Cities and Communities free from violence” that is supported by United Nations Population Fund. We implement different activities for our women could feel safe and secure and could develop in different spheres of life. It is also very important that women entrepreneurs of our community could have straight communication with state authorities and work together on overcoming the impact of coronavirus and lockdown crisis on local business», – said the deputy mayor.

The Ukrainian Women’s Congress started the series of regional dialogues on July 1 at Kremenchuk (Poltava region). The meetings are dedicated to the most important issues of the economic recovery and overcoming the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The representatives of local authorities, enterprises, and business associations gathered on the regional level to have a dialogue about economic challenges for women, equal and fair opportunities for women and men in business and resource allocation and possible ways for communities’ recovery after the pandemic.

The next regional Dialogue is expected this summer in Zaporizhzhia.