Local elections analysis, the role of women in peacebuilding and gender-sensitive business – key ideas of the new analytical document by Ukrainian Women’s Congress

Let us represent you a new analytical document on the results of the 4th Ukrainian Women’s Congress that took place on 24-25, November 2020. It covers the most important issues of achieving gender equality in Ukraine.

This document contains an analysis of local elections, highlights the role of women in peacebuilding, pays attention to gender issues in business and developing economic possibilities for women, shows the role of decentralization in guaranteeing equal opportunities for men and women in Ukraine. It also contains a list of up-to-date materials and research works on the topic of gender equality.

This document could be helpful for government officials, public and political activists, students, teachers and professors at universities and colleges, and for socially responsible businesses.

This publication is the next step in representing summaries of Ukrainian Women’s Congresses in a special format of analytical notes. Particularly, the brochure «New reality – new opportunities: summary of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress ONLINE» is available, and It covers the results of the congress held in July 2020.

Please, download the document here.