``From new reality to new opportunities: the brochure by Ukrainian Women’s Congress``

The Ukrainian Women’s Congress had an online format for the first time in July 2020, and that was the response to the challenges of the pandemic, which Ukraine and the whole world were faced with.

Congress had 3 discussion platforms with more than 20 speakers which covered the most important issues caused by the pandemic which influenced social processes in Ukraine and all over the world. The discussions were live-streamed and followed by more than 129 000 people from 64 countries.

Here we represent you the brochure with the results of the discussions. It has a special structure that leads the reader through the texts showing how new reality created new opportunities. From the brochure you can find out the following:

  • Which opportunities for better involving women in politics are there in Ukraine? How can laws changes, adopted in Ukraine, affect the level of women’s participation in politics?
  • What are the main obstacles for women in the process of elections or nominating them as candidates to the local authorities? How can we overcome these issues?
  • How can we respond to the needs and create safe living conditions?
  • Which social spheres have suffered most from the COVID-19 pandemic? How can this affect men and women?
  • What should Ukrainian authorities do to resolve the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown?
  • How to effectively fight violence in the quarantine limitations?
  • Which initiatives for overcoming the COVID-19 consequences were offered by big businesses and NGOs in Ukraine?
  • What is the experience of local authorities in fighting the problems deepened by the COVID-19 quarantine?
  • What should we consider in the future for better people informing and meeting the needs of men and women from different social categories?

The brochure is interesting for the representatives of authorities on different levels, civil and political activists, students and university lecturers, and socially responsible businessmen.

The text is also available in English.