If we want problems to be solved, we have to become politicians and be there where decisions are made

Ukrainian Women’s Congress’s work in Mariupol started with discussion platform “Women in politics and security and defense. Its participants aimed to discuss participance of women in political processes, sex discrimination problems, gender aspects of peace via parity participation of men and women in social life, including politics, on different authority levels, differential access and control of women’s and men’s resources and influence on institutional changes.

While starting to discussion platform moderator the people’s deputy of Ukraine, co-chairman of inter-fractional parliamentary association “Equal opportunities” Svitlana Voytsekhovska mentioned that modern women can do everything, but “If we want problems to be solved, we have to become politicians and be “above” – there where decisions are made”.

Today’s Ukraine, according to Voythekhovska, have real opportunities for women to promote themselves on local level, local elections at first, and then go further and open the way to solving different issues. Only will and desire of women are needed.

The people’s deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Lubinets attempted to ruin the stereotype about man who prevent women from becoming involved in political life. There is a small number os such personalities now, because women-deputies constantly prove they are more systematic and hard-working than some male MPs, they more frequently propose bills that become laws.

«Women have to rule the state, because they have equal rights with man as Ukrainian citizens. This is the most important argument in support of the thesis on promoting women in the political sphere», – mentioned Kateryna Levchenko, the Governmental Commissioner for Gender Policy. She stressed that quote principal is necessary now, not only during forming election lists, but also in in the economy and business during the formation of commissions, committees, supervisory boards. «Quotes are not positive discriminations, they are not a gift. They are practical implementation of UNO demands about liquidation any forms of discrimination», – said Kateryna Levchenko.

Gender counselor of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Viktoriya Arnautova paid attention to the fact that security and defense sphere had been almost absolutely closed for women till 2014. The situation changed now: security and defense sector is one of leaders in implementing gender equality, the army and police have an increasing number of women in chair.

NGO’s “New Mariupol” chairwoman Mariya Podybailo accented that her region had poor political competition for a long time. Social movement was intensified by volunteer movement. This reason has a bed influence on political life in the region: activists have no experience and knowledge in the questions of founding parties, engaging women to political processes etc.

«Men start the war, and women think about its stopping», – mentioned women veterans’ movement leader Andrianna Sussack-Arekhta at the beginning of her speech. She is sure that army is the this is the business of all citizens regardless they are men or women, because the issue is about our safety. She said that women veterans’ movement will not be a nice picture for any of political parties on the future elections, but it is going to be an active the subject of the political process in Ukraine.

«The main issue for women veterans’ movement is a big number of participants. We need to have many like-minded people who will influence the development of the state, make it better» – said Svitlana Voytsekhovska finishing the discussion platform “Women in politics and security and defense”.