Ukrainian Women’s Congress launched e-library with top information on gender issues

Internet-platform of Ukrainian Women’s Congress now has e-library on gender issues as it is important and relevant in Ukrainian society.

Ukrainian Women’s Congress has created a special e-library on its internet-platform, since Ukrainian society has a great interest to gender issues.

Now you can find researches, analytics, reports, recommendations, proposals and cases on gender policy on the Ukrainian Women’s Congress’s website.

This project was launched during preparations to the 3rd Ukrainian Women’s Congress. Now it is supported by the partners: National Democratic Institute, NATO office in Ukraine, UN Women in Ukraine and the project “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG).

Informational materials by UN Women include fundamental basic international and national plans, strategies, reports, opinion polls and recommendations on gender rights equality, prevention and overcoming of gender discrimination in Ukraine and all over the world. Some of them are especially interesting for society, as, for example, basic principles of preventing gender-based violence and assisting its victims, that could be interesting for general public; gender analysis materials dedicated to the issues of feminism and implementing gender equality; and specialized recommendations for media, lawyers and police.

National Democratic Institute provided results of national poll on democracy processes in Ukraine after 2019 elections to the Congress’s e-library. NDI’s handbooks on preparing and running successful elections and implementing gender budgeting in Ukrainian communities are useful and important too.

Project “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG) provided its materials too: research on the issue of female entrepreneurship, best gender practices and initiatives in Ukrainian local communities and recommendations for cities joining to the European Charter of Equality.

NATO office in Ukraine provided materials with a raw of basic policies and recommendations for women’s participation in peace-making and security together with promoting people’s security issues and their gender components.

You can find either community-oriented handbooks on gender budgeting and social adaptation of internally displaced persons, or Personal Security Plan and Action plan for HeForShe global platform that could be useful for every conscious man. Papers about gender perspectives in the context of decentralization are especially relevant for Ukrainian society as well as information about gender-based violence caused by the conflict on the East of Ukraine and its victims’ rehabilitation.

The database of e-library will be distributed and updated with the support of Ukrainian Women’s Congress’ partners.