Андрій Загороднюк

Mr. Andrii Zagorodniuk

Minister of Defence of Ukraine

Andriy Zagorodnyuk was born on December 5, 1976.

He was appointed as a Minister of Defense of Ukraine on August 29, 2019.

From 2006 was the founder and CEO of the Discovery Drilling Equipment Ltd which is involved in engineering, production and service maintenance of drilling rigs and is a subsidiary of a London based enterprise Discovery Industrial Services Ltd. Member of the Executive Board till August 2019.

From the beginning of the Russian armed aggression was involved in volunteer activity to support Ukrainian Armed Forces. On September 2015 was assigned as the Head of the Reform Project Office of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine under the Minister of Defense.

On July 5 Andriy Zagorodnyuk was appointed as a non-staff Advisor to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and on July 9 as a Member of the Supervisory Board of the Defense Industry Conglomerate “Ukroboronprom”.

Andriy Zagorodnyuk holds 2 higher education degrees: Diploma with Honor from Oxford University (Finance) and Law degree from Kyiv National University. Also Andriy Zagorodnyuk has a number of industrial qualification degrees.

He is a graduate of the “Kyiv Aspen Institute”.