Валентина Данішевська

Valentyna Danishevska

President of the Supreme Court of Ukraine

Valentyna Danishevska is a Ukrainian lawyer, and judge. She became the first chairwoman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

Danishevska is from Zaporizhia Oblast. She graduated law faculty of the Odessa University in 1983. Her career Danishevska started by working for various government enterprises legal departments. By late 1980s she became an arbiter at first at the commerce department of the Zaporizhia Oblast State Administration and since 1992 at the Zaporizhia Oblast Arbitration court.

In 2000s Danishevska worked for Deloitte as a director of the Center of Commerce Law.

In 2016 she was elected a judge of arbitration court of the Supreme Court of Ukraine. In 2017 Danishevska was selected as a chairwoman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.[1] During the voting she earned 67 votes of 111 participants. Danishevska was elected on the term of four years.

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