Taras Topolia

Rock and Pop-singer, Frontman of “Antytila” band, Volonteer

Ukrainian rock and pop singer, front man of “Antytila” band, volunteer. He was studying violin for ten years. In high school, he created a band, which later was reformatted and called “Antytila”.

Taras entered Academy of Internal Affairs. While studying at the academy, in 2007, he and “Antytila” participated in the rating television project “Chance”, where the band did not win, but Kuzma Skryabin said: “If we let these guys go onstage, many artists will retire.”

In 2008, the band started cooperation with the production center “Catapult Music”. Taras Popola is actively volunteering, travelling to the flash points in the East. At the concert in memory of Skryabin he sang cover on hit “People Like the Ships”. The version of the song impressed the audience and Taras with the band recorded the studio version with the back-vocalist of Skryabin Olga (Sprat) Lizgunova.

He released albums: “Buduudu”, “Choice”, “Above the Poles”, “Everything Beautiful”, “The Sun”. The last one included the song “Odynak” – the soundtrack to the film of the same name, as well as the abovementioned song “People like ships”.

In 2017, the band had a huge tour “The Sun”. The tour embraced about 50 cities of Ukraine, one in Belarus, seven cities in America and one in Canada. In Ukraine, these were not only oblast centers, but also many regional centers.

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