Dr. Roman Horbyk

Ukrainian Scholar, Journalist and Writer, Stockholm, Swiden

Roman Horbyk (born 1985 in Kyiv) works in Sweden as a senior lecturer at S?dert?rn University (Stockholm) and postdoctoral researcher at Ume? University. He studied Journalism and Media at the Universities of Kyiv, Aarhus, Amsterdam and Hamburg before defending two dissertations, on illustrated press in the 1920s Weimar Republic and Soviet Ukraine (Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, 2015) and on media power in representation of Europe in Ukraine, Russia and Poland during Euromaidan (S?dert?rn University, 2017).

His published studies are largely interdisciplinary and focus on different aspects of media, history and language; Roman’s research interests include postcolonial theory, gender studies, sociolinguistics, media power, history of representations and ideas as well as popular genres during the Interbellum. Roman has also extensively worked as a print and TV journalist with an over decade-long career. His reports and columns were published in Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, and Denmark. Apart from that, he is active as a playwright and a screenwriter whose most notable credits include Pryputni (2017). It is based on Roman Horbyk’s play “The Centre” lauded as “the only true feminist text” at the Modern Drama Week festival in 2012.

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