Peacebuilding and protection of men and women rights during the military aggression.

Mariia Ionova: It is important to involve as much women as possible to the peace establishing process

At the 3rd Ukrainian Women Congress one of the discussions is to be dedicated to the topic of rights defense for women and men during military aggression in Ukraine.

The task of this platform is to discuss decisions that Ukraine must make and implement for establishing safe social environment and protection of rights of men and women, who are in service of civilians. Also it is aimed to analyze experience of state management in gender politics and defense and security sector.

Mariia Ionova, people’s deputy of Ukraine, co-chair of inter-fractional parliamentary association “Equal opportunities” claimed that implementing gender equality in security sector and law enforcement activities can influence the quality of security functions in Ukraine. That’s why one of the Congress’s priorities is working out the decisions for strengthening women’s participance in decision-making for security, defense and peacekeeping activities.

According to her words, we are witnesses of gender stereotypes breaking in the Army. We saw the society’s reaction on the female military company in the Independence Day procession at the Square of Independence. And today 55 thousand of women are on military service in Armed Forces of Ukraine

Mariia Ionova mentioned: “It is important to involve more women to both authorities and security, defense and peacekeeping in Ukraine. Many women occupy various military positions in NATO. International researches claim that women are effective not only on military service, but also in peace establishing process. It’s proved that probability of compliance and enforcement of international agreements is 35% higher when women are involved in the peacekeeping process.”

The 3rd Ukrainian Women’s Congress will take place in Kyiv on the 10-11th of December in Kyiv with the participance of the first state persons, women organizations leaders and representatives of international and non-governmental organizations.

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