The long-awaited translation of the Dictionary by the European Institute for Gender Equality is finally in Ukraine

The Ukrainian translation of the Dictionary by the European Institute for Gender Equality was presented by the politicians, representatives of the academic and educational community and female organizations. Also, they discussed the opportunities that the new Dictionary provides to the legislative activities and the policy of equality and non-discrimination in Ukrainian society.

«When we attended Lithuania in far 2015, we saw the first copy of this Dictionary in the European Institute for Gender Equality. All countries of the European Union used it. We asked for the copy for Ukraine and got the requirement to provide the request from the Ukrainian Government. This was my small role – get such request and send it to the EU», – said Svitlana Voitsekhovska, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the 8th convocation.

According to her, this event is extremely important for Ukraine today, because many issues in legislative and governmental gender activities are caused by the absence of unified concepts.

«It is also an important day for other educational activists. The concept and values of gender equality are formed in secondary and high school. So, our task is to assure the access of all teachers to this document», – she added.

The presented dictionary is created by the European Institute of Gender Equality and is translated to Ukrainian with its permission. The translation was made by the experts in assuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men in a joint project by the Government Commissioner for Gender Policy and the Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

With the glossary and thesaurus of the Dictionary you can:

  • Get a better understanding of the new terminology in the sphere of gender equality;
  • Find full and detailed definitions for different concepts you may need in your political, advocacy, or research work;
  • Find a detailed list of sources and links to additional documents;
  • Find out the links between different gender concepts (in wide and narrow understanding);
  • Compare similar concepts and get to know about the differences between them;
  • Find out more about the preferred terms and those that become out of date;
  • Define literature resources in the cataloging or indexing process.

According to the Government Commissioner for Gender Policy Kateryna Levchenko, working on this Dictionary is the sign of European integration direction of the Ukrainian policy, that is impossible without gender tolerance.

«The work on those texts shows that the direction to the European integration of the Ukrainian policy remains the priority. In this sense, it is especially important to correlate national laws and other legal documents with European legislative principles and with related terminology. And it is a good sign that euro integration is impossible without proper gender policy”, – stressed the Government Commissioner.

According to the head of the Kyiv Institute of Gender Studies Marfa Skoryk, the Dictionary has printed and digital versions, and its structure lets to add custom suggestions to it. «This is a digital document with concepts by different authors with various competencies. Every article has additional materials, links to important reports that help to adopt a particular concept to your needs, methods, lectures, or bills, for example. You can add suggestions to the dictionary if you have more ideas or comments that would help to improve the articles», – mentioned Marfa Skoryk.

Ukraine has not had the unified gender Dictionary by the moment. For all that time we needed common concepts to be effective in implementing the national policy for non-discrimination and ensuring gender equality.

To access the Dictionary, please follow the link:

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