Watch all the discussions of the 4th Ukrainian Women’s Congress in sign language

According to the World Federation of the Deaf, there are almost 72 million deaf people in 123 countries all over the world. And there are up to 120 thousand people with hearing disabilities in Ukraine.

People may have congenital hearing loss, or lose it as a result of injury or illness.

One of the basic problems for people with hearing disabilities is an informational vacuum and breaking their rights for getting the information, which must be provided in an appropriate way via visualization or sign language.

According to the Constitution of Ukraine, people with hearing disabilities have absolutely equal rights with other citizens of our country in their access to information.

Ukraine has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and according to it, our state is obliged to create a comfortable environment for living, professional, civil, cultural, sport, and educational activities.
The Convention admits the rights of persons with disabilities and encourages the use of sign languages, study, and promotion of linguistic identity.

To ensure the full right for information for people with hearing disabilities the Ukrainian Women’s Congress, which has the online format due to the pandemic, invited sign language interpreters and translated all videos into sign language. All speeches and discussion platforms of the 4th Ukrainian Women’s Congress are translated into Ukrainian sign language.

Here’s the link for the videos with sign language translation on YouTube –


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