Maria Ionova: Men and women equality policy must be implemented in every Ukrainian ministry

The 3rd Ukrainian Women’s Congress called Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to consider gender equality principles and adopt ethic code as parts of parliamentary reform.

This was declared by Maria Ionova, people’s deputy of Ukraine, co-chair of the inter-fractional parliamentary association “Equal opportunities” in her interview for “Rada” TV-channel.

«Any forms of discrimination will be impossible after adopting ethic code. It’s a pity to admit that there were some unacceptable statements to women, and not only in parliament. To avoid this, Ukrainian parliament must have ethic code», the deputy stressed.

In general, Congress defined 6 priorities for parliament’s work. They are keeping gender balance in the process of parliamentary committees forming according to recommendations of European Parliament, legislative changes for the Ombudsman office that can implement gender equality monitoring as a form of parliamentary control, and integration of gender legal expertise of bills into parliament’s legal support units for avoiding any discrimination. Congressional delegates called the Parliament to ratify Istanbul Convention and other international papers on gender equality including International Labor Organization convention for equal labor rights.

Congress’s resolution also contains exact recommendations for government about implementing gender policy.

«The first lady of Ukraine opened the Congress. She is interested in advocacy of the Biarritz partnership initiative by G7 ambassadors. This applies to Governmental authority mostly, but we plan to support her at all levels. We also have unfinished commitments on UN committee of elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) and must develop new national plan on UN Security Council resolution 1325 «Women. Peace. Security», co-chair of inter-fractional parliamentary association mentioned.

Maria Ionova also talked about priorities for government. Gender budgeting, equal access to resources for boys and girls, men and women, labor legislation changes for equal payments for men and women at equal posts are among them.

The key thing is to step forward and hold the high bar. «We get offers to give gender component and expertise to the Department of Justice. But we are sure that gender equality is the idea to be implemented in every ministry’s activities», Maria Ionova claimed.

She mentioned that inter-fractional parliamentary association “Equal opportunities” was now working on new legislation base for advocacy of priorities defined by the 3rd Women’s Congress’s resolution.


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