Solomiya Marchuk, Member of the Board of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, told the participants of the Ukrainian Women’s Congress about the situation in Ukrainian business environment concerning gender orientation.

According to Ms. Solomiya, unfortunately, the situation does not look positive, as most women in Ukraine are not inclined to take an active position.

Traditionally, women have a key place in the family, take care of children. The problem is to convince men of their parity in addressing family issues and bringing up children. However, very often, women do not want to talk about it with men, being satisfied with the role of housewives.

According to a study of the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine in collaboration with the Ukrainian Center for Public Data quoted by Ms. Solomiya, the number of women at management positions at enterprises in 2018 is about 30%. However, this is official statistics. About one third of the companies are so-called “tax holes,” where women only hold executive positions, but do not actually manage. As emphasized by the speaker, large companies today have only 10% of female executives. This situation exists not only in Ukraine, but also in many countries of the world, where women’s ambitions generally remain at the middle management level.

This is often a conscious choice of women themselves. The share of women among individual entrepreneurs is 46%. The reason is that female entrepreneurs have non-standardized working day, which is not suitable for many women. This is based on a stereotype that women can only be occupied with either business or family. There is very little information about women combining the roles of a businessperson and a mother.

To show the general public that this is possible, female members of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs promote themselves as both successful entrepreneurs, and mothers. Among them are Olena Shuliak – Member of the Board of UUE, head of the construction sector of the Office for Effective Regulation of BRDO; Natalia Yeremeyeva – Member of the Board of SUE, owner and head of one of the largest window factories Stekloplast; Olga Gutsal – owner of Kamin Oil company and Apricot jewelry chain, and many others. They have succeeded in business and, at the same time, are happy mothers.

According to Solomiya Marchuk, today there are many factors that allow women to engage in business and at the same time pay attention to the family. This includes automation of work and home processes, relatively low level of gender discrimination, women’s communication and conflict resolution skills, creativity and endurance of Ukrainian women.

Ms. Solomiya stressed that the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs will use it best efforts to ensure as much women as possible in medium and small business and will help them in every possible way.

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