Ірина Фріз

Ms. Iryna Friz

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs of Ukraine

Ukrainian politician, who has been a member of the Verkhovna Rada since 2014. At the Parliament, she was a member of the Committee on National Security and Defense of Ukraine, the Head of the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, and the Head of Subcommittee of State Information Systems in the Committee on National Security and Defense.

Ms. Friz is an author and initiator of legislative basis/framework for actions of the Special Operation Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In February 2017, she founded the Petro Poroshenko Bloc project “Ukraine – Solidarnist – NATO”, which aims to deepen the cooperation between Ukraine and North Atlantic Treaty Organization. She is also a founder and has been the chairman of Interfactional Association Euro – Atlantic space for Ukraine! since February 2016.

In November 2018 she was appoited as a Minister for Veterans’ Affairs of Ukraine.

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