Andriana Susak-Arekhta

Veteran, women veteran movement leader.

Worked as a brand-manager in the “Elitmed Modern Medical Technologies” Company.

Was an active participant in the Revolution of Dignity in 2013-2014. Went as a volunteer to the East of Ukraine in 2014, May, joined Ukrainian Armed Forces (“Aidar Battalion”), was a member of the assault group (assault rifle), has the title junior sergeant.

Andrianna took part in military operations for the liberation, cleansing and strengthening of settlements in Luhansk region.

Celebs and awards –  People’s Hero of Ukraine, Knight of the 3rd degree Order for Courage.

Takes part in “Invisible battalion” project, coordinates “Women Veterans’ Travels”, “Ambassador – veteran diplomacy” projects, is involved into foundation of Women Veterans Movement in Ukraine.

She is the activist for the establishment of democratic values and values of Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, development of security and defense sector and volunteer community. Studies the master’s degree program “Public management and administration” in Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

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