Resolution of the First Ukrainian Women’s Congress

At the initiative of the Inter-Factional Deputy Association “Equal Opportunities”, the First Ukrainian Women’s Congress launched a public platform that brought together about 50 participants from different regions of Ukraine.

Recognizing the importance of achieving gender equality in all spheres, the First Ukrainian Women’s Congress urges public authorities to pursue a comprehensive gender approach in shaping the public policy.

The Congress participants state the main directions required to achieve gender equality in Ukraine:

  1. Implementation of legislative mechanisms for equal participation of women and men in the electoral process at the national and local levels through amendments to the legislation to prevent the violation of gender quotas.
  2. Initiation of an awareness campaign on the importance of introducing gender quotas in party lists.
  3. Elimination of discriminatory restrictions on women’s participation in the security and defense sector, extension of women’s access to military education, military service and military posts.
  4. Promotion of reforms in the security and defense sector, with regard to the principle of equal rights and opportunities for women and men, as well as introduction of gender advisors in the security sector.
  5. Strengthening of interagency cooperation to introduce the National Action Plan for the Implementation of the UN Resolution 1325.
  6. Initiation of a socio-political dialogue for the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.
  7. Improvement of national legislation for the prevention, counteraction and punishment of gender-based violence.
  8. Promotion of gender-oriented budgeting at the national and local levels.
  9. Overcoming gender discrimination by decreasing and updating the list of prohibited professions and occupations for women.
  10. Implementation of the Strategy for gender equality and non-discrimination in education “Education: Gender Dimension – 2020” by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”.

For reference: Inter-Factional Deputy Association “Equal Opportunities” was established to improve the position of women in the society, to intensify public dialogue on ensuring gender equality in various spheres of social and political life. The association operates on the principles of self-government, is open to accession by other people’s deputies and is determined to cooperate with the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada, parliamentary factions and committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the President’s Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other bodies of state power, public organizations, and associations.

Its mission is to promote gender equality to improve the position of women in the society; to make the policy of equal opportunities focused and systemic in nature; to combine the efforts of the legislative and executive branches of power authorities and the public sector to promote women’s rights; to promote the process of harmonization of the Ukrainian and EU legislation.


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